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    Happy birthday Tibierious!!!

    As the "events" subforum is empty, I shall declare that Tib's birthday is hereby officially declared an "Event", and is so divested with all the spongiforminal ramifications hitherto related thereof, ispo facto and et cetera.

    In other words..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIB!!!

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    Oct 2011
    Nice!!! Hope you had a good one buddy

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    I love dthe Ren And stimpy! Thanks Guys..

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    Nov 2011

    happy birthday

    I completely missed it. Hope to make up for it though. I'm looking for a premium sometimes blend and potent goto blend. There are too many rip-offs out there though and the game has changed a little bit since the days of skyping a guy in the UK to get an order in. It's hard to find a solid vendor among the many grifters. It just got too ugly for awhile. I'm glad you guys have helped restore balance to the force. I hope this stuff is the real deal. My hats off to you Jedi.

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    Thanks Brother! You Will Love EO's Products..they all rock..

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    Oct 2011
    Yeah EO is very solid.



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