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Thread: High

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    Sep 2012


    High guys. Been meaning to join up and today I got all the incentive I needed when some of my pms at TGL were read.

    Just an FYI all PMs are read at TGL. I won't tell you all the bs because I don't want to bring drama here. I am just saying be careful what you discuss there via pm's because they are looked at.

    I want to be able to talk with my bros without being spied on. I have only tried YYZ's original blend but it is kick ass and the packaging was top notch.

    Glad to be here.


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    Oct 2011
    welcome to the site

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    Oct 2011
    Any of EO products hit the spot and def make this site your home bro

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    Good to see you, brother.

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    Dude this is perfect, if Acid's here some of my TGL peeps are bound to be too! hahahaha this was a great decision, and great to see you buddy!! It's been a whiiiile maaaaan



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