Hi I'm Symph, I used to be a active member on a forum called TGLForums but I left because I started trying to make it on youtube and I didn't want to be associated with blend use in case it started to take off. But then I noticed that this forum is locked to anyone who isn't a member so it seems like it would be ok here I have some Nailed coming to me hopefully tomorrow but I gave EO the wrong email address (old one) and I can't access it (password issues) So I'm hoping I can get their attention and have them send the tracking to my current e-mail address through the forum (they won't respond to my message on their website) But that's not why I'm here in it's entirety, just what got me to notice they had a forum. I miss hanging with blend enthusiasts and as long as this place is truly hidden from search engines am happy to be here and meet you all! As my good buddy Nature used to say when it came to blends, WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!