Coming soon to EO and a store near you !

Weve taken your average tea beverage and elevated it. Heighten your refreshment with Hi*T, the first USDA Certified Organic Hemp Tea Beverage. Weve skipped the high fructose corn syrup in other beverages and used pure organic cane sugar instead. Weve also added a twist of organic lemon juice to give it that perfect sweet-tart taste.

When you first open a can of Hi*T, the earthy, distinct scent of hemp instantly rises to tantalize your nose. The first sip reveals a treasure trove of flavor; earthy, robust, and nutty with a lightly sweet and tart undercurrent. Therefore, sit back and pop open a can of this power-packed, refreshing drink after a long day at work or school, on the ball court, or just hanging out with friends. Whatever the occasion SIP A HIT, and prepare to let your taste buds fly sky Hi!!