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Pan's Ink® - Daydream™ - Essential Oil Drops

Pan's Ink® - Daydream™ - Essential Oil Drops
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Price: $20.00
Availability: In Stock
Size: Drops per bottle (150)
Average Rating: Not Rated

Pan's Ink® - Daydream™ - Essential Oil Drops




Tired of wondering whether your smoke is going to give you the relief you need? Pan’s Ink® is an aromatic tincture made with aromatherapy-grade essential oils designed to target the effects of your smoking herbs and give you consistent relief. It does this with terpenes – the ingredients that make up your herb’s essential oil.

Terpenes direct your herb’s many different effects, and provide its wonderful lemon, pine, and lavender scents. Pan’s Ink can be added to all smoking mixtures.

Pan's Ink® contains Terpenes which are the ingredients that make up the essential oils of a plant. The Daydream™ formula contains Linalool and Pinene that may be useful for relaxation and focus.

Tastes earthy, piney, and like lavender. Drop 1-2 drops on top of dry herbs, let dry and then smoke or vape as usual. Contains 150 drops per bottle. Ingredients include pure & essential oils of black pepper, gclary sage, lavender, mastic, and lemon verbana.



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